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Creating our application The app we will build will consist of three components. The AppComponent, which is the entry component and wrapper of the page, and two child components; RedComponent and BlueComponent. The app component will have two nav links that lets the users navigate between our two child pages Red and Blue. RedComponent will consist of nothing but a div with a red background while BlueComponent will have a blue background. If you are not familiar with the CLI, I recommend you take a look at one the many tutorials on it that exist already. It also helps you build and test your applications. See the official documentation for this. We also added –inline-style, –inline-templateand — skip-testsso that the CLI will inline styles and templates and skip creating test files. Add this to the defaults section of your. We will just add these settings for simplicity!

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Cathodic Protection-Rectifier Inspections The module describes bi-monthly inspection of rectifier untis. Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to: Identify corrosion cells on a pipeline-The learner will learn what corrosion is, different types of corrosion, and what conditions must be met for it to exist. Describe corrosion control methods-In this lesson the learner will study the three main methods used for controlling corrosion on pipelines.

The Mayflower oil spill occurred on March 29, , when the Pegasus Pipeline, owned by ExxonMobil and carrying Canadian Wabasca heavy crude from the Athabasca oil sands, ruptured in Mayflower, Arkansas, about 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Little Rock releasing about 3, barrels (, US gal; m 3) of oil. Approximately 12, barrels (, US gal; 1, m 3) of oil and .

I’m working construction right now; for a mechanical contractor. It’s mostly structural welding at the moment; although the company does carbon and stainless pipe, stick and TIG, as well. I’m looking elsewhere because they also do lots of screw pipe and other crap. I’ve no interest in working as a plumber, carpenter or whatever.

Nothing wrong with those professions, but I’m a welder and fabricator by preference. I know a bit about Local ; what you can learn from their website and from the local UA membership in Dayton. I’ve heard that is a different breed from the rest of the UA organization. I’ve also worked with Boilermakers on one short job. On the whole, I think that working in a Union isn’t right for me.

I’m too old, with too many financial obligations to survive the apprenticeship process. It’s totall unrealistic for me with house, car, and other bills.

Mariner East

Additional Sample Functions Step 1: Create a Pipeline In this step, you create a pipeline to which you later add the Lambda function. If that pipeline is still configured for your account and is in the same region where you plan to create the Lambda function, you can skip this step. Important You must create the pipeline and all of its resources in the same region where you create the Lambda function.

To create the pipeline Follow the first three steps in Tutorial: Choose the Amazon Linux option for your instance types.

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More pipeline protests are in the works, with promises of civil disobedience. Two years ago, they fought off a proposal for a massive business and residential development on the site. Last May, the National Energy Board referred to Lightning Rock by name when it set down conditions for the 1, km expansion, calling for archaeological and cultural heritage assessments of the area around the fractured boulder.

Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced cabinet approval of the pipeline last week, everyone from Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to an year-old grandmother in Burnaby has declared their willingness to get arrested trying to stop it. At times, one gets the sense that all they need is a time and place, and with Kinder Morgan preparing to break ground next fall, the time is drawing near. With the right-of-way established, Kinder Morgan requires few easements from landowners or governments facing pressure to protect Crown land—something that has proven insurmountable for recent pipeline projects.

Still, anyone who thinks the battle is over—or properly under way, for that matter—is in for a nasty surprise.

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Enbridge representative Laura Kennett has said, “Line 3 has experienced an accelerated rate of deterioration associated with external corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking, and long-seam cracking due to the disbonded coating and fatigue growth of defects in the flash welded long seams. I consider Line 3 to be in the deterioration stage Stage 3 ,as external corrosion growth is increasing in an exponential fashion.

Therefore, Line 3 is on a path of ever increasing repairs to mitigate operating risk until it is replaced. Many governmental reports and newspaper articles refer to Lines 3 and 4 as a single unit.

The pipeline was built in One inch pipeline is split into two inch pipelines to make the crossing. The state of Michigan has an easement that laid out some specific requirements for this pipeline.

The project has aroused strong opposition , particularly in densely developed areas of Delaware and Chester Counties, where Sunoco is building the second of three adjacent pipelines. The company has encountered problems when it has used horizontal drilling techniques to install the pipeline underground to avoid digging a trench at the surface. Wolf, on Wednesday called for the state to cancel construction rather than suspend work. ETP, the parent company, announced in November that it was pushing back completion to the second quarter of , blaming regulatory delays.

The Mariner East 2 pipeline is the second of three pipelines designed to carry gas liquids from the shale region of Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia to a terminal that Sunoco has built on the site of its former Marcus Hook refinery. Most of the material is being loaded on ships and exported to European petrochemical manufacturers. Sunoco also has commitments to add a third, inch-diameter pipeline to the route as soon as the ME2 is completed.

All together, the pipelines could carry up to , barrels a day to Marcus Hook. A list of the notices of violations issued to Sunoco for Mariner East 2 can also be found there.

DEP halts construction of Sunoco’s $2.5B Mariner East 2 pipeline

A diver inspects Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac for a possible dent. Here’s what we know: Tom Prew is a regional engineer for Enbridge and he helps the company monitor this pipeline. The company runs a remotely operated vehicle to shoot video of the pipeline every two years. The company has also been installing new anchors on the pipeline for the last 13 years.

The Mariner East projects provide needed pipeline infrastructure to transport natural gas liquids from the Marcellus Shale to markets in PA and elsewhere.

Need Help with a Different Issue? The provided role does not have sufficient permissions: Customers who created their service role before this date must modify the policy statement for their service role to add the required permissions. The easiest solution is to copy the updated policy statement for service roles from Review the Default AWS CodePipeline Service Role Policy , edit your service role, and overwrite the old policy statement with the current policy.

This portion of the policy statement applies to Elastic Beanstalk: Depending on your security needs, you can modify the permissions in other ways, too. Without this permission, AWS Elastic Beanstalk deploy actions hang without failing or indicating an error.

An oil pipeline encircling Philadelphia gets a new life delivering shale gas

It was built in two segments between as an oil pipeline, which shipped products from Corsicana Texas, both north for industrial uses, and south to Gulf Coast refineries. The northern section was abandoned in , before being re-commissioned in and reversed to carry diluted bitumen from Alberta Tar Sands to refiners in Texas. This process has been known to have latent defects which eventually leads to failures.

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued advisory bulletins in and to alert operators of factors contributing to failures of pipelines constructed with ERW pipe. On April 5, the Environmental Protection Agency sent a request for more information about Wabasca Heavy—the oil that spilled on the Pegasus line on March

Invoke an AWS Lambda Function in a Pipeline in AWS CodePipeline AWS Lambda is a compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You can create Lambda functions and add them as actions in your pipelines.

NEA and Partners Promote Restorative Justice in Schools islesfan Yes, it is clearly far better to keep the disruptive, unruly, and frankly dangerous kids right there in class with the others. That way, no one gets an education, so it is all kept fair. Nate Tucker Did you read the same article I did? The one posted above? Nowhere did it say that dangerous students would be kept in class.

The author even mentioned about the problem regarding teachers getting assaulted. Do you honestly believe that a student should be expelled for a water balloon fight?

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

When Kinder Morgan announced on Apr. By Sunday, following their meeting with B. Meanwhile, the Trudeau government will add four times as much debt as it promised in the last election. Second, the odds of government s being able to finish the expansion on budget are, to be charitable, slight.

Learn about the VELCRO® Brand, find fact facts about Velcro Companies as the premier manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners, and review trademark use.

The latter is a near pristine fjord covered in hemlock, Douglas fir and spruce in the shadow of Burnaby and Seymour mountains. This would result in a fourfold increase in tanker traffic through Burrard Inlet to vessels per year. But questions about the role of liability insurance, and who pays for cleaning up an oil spill in a worst case scenario, have been conveniently ignored by Ottawa, Kinder Morgan, regulators and the oil industry.

They are in other words a kind of flight recorder waiting to be opened in the event that Trans Mountain crashes in spectacular fashion. What city in its right mind would welcome a gargantuan oil terminus and its associated environmental risks? If there is a spill on land or water, what assurances do Burnaby and the Lower Mainland of B. Or that taxpayers will not get stuck footing a majority of the bill if a really bad marine spill threatens to bankrupt Kinder Morgan?

On the other side of the ledger, an oil spill in Burrard Inlet would put at risk industries, including tourism, real estate and agriculture, that together employ over , people, according to Vancouver-based CRED Conversations for Responsible Economic Development , a non-profit research and advocacy group. It remains to be seen whether this tack will be successful.

2013 Mayflower oil spill

Sunoco cost-cutting exercise in the light of the economic downturn Expand The Marcus Hook Refinery is wholly owned by Sunoco since 1 January and is the second-largest refinery in the northeast US. The refinery, which first opened in , is on the Delaware River and is capable of processing approximately , barrels of crude oil per day.

The facility employs around — personnel and is located 20 miles south of Philadelphia in Marcus Hook. Major concerns at Marcus Hook A big fire broke out at Marcus Hook refinery in May , resulting in the closure of the ethylene complex.

Writing your own item pipeline¶. Each item pipeline component is a Python class that must implement the following method: process_item (self, item, spider) ¶. This method is called for every item pipeline .

Brewster County Sheriff deputies removed leader Lori Glover, former oilfield hand Arajoe Battista, and local resident Roger Siglin after chaining themselves to company property, according to FuelFix. Glover explained her reasons to take a stand at the western Texas site: The protest action serves as an admittedly overt attempt to siphon interest from the Dakota Access Pipeline flashpoint, according to a coalition statement.

The page further quoted Glover noting: The fight in Standing Rock extends down here to Texas. The Black Snake is not dead. It is alive and well in the Big Bend. Unlike concerns reported in North Dakota, the western Texas pipeline project does not include an activist hook related to drinking water tapped by a local Native American reservation. Regardless, protesters demand that an environmental impact study be completed before construction may continue.

The Texas project is slated to span three remote counties: Pecos 47 miles , Brewster 34 miles , and Presidio 67 miles. Much of the project does not cover any known aquifers, nor does it cross any reservation lands. Pipeline protests in North Dakota have transitioned from sleepy, local affairs to magnetic and violent events in the months leading up to the Election and thereafter. Most recently, construction was halted after the U.

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