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Judaism has two seemingly contradictory sources dealing with a fundamental question of Shavuot. The Torah expressly bids you to reflect and exercise your intellect on such themes. After you have attained knowledge by the method of tradition, which covers all the precepts of law, you should investigate with your reason, understanding, and judgement until the truth becomes clear to you and false ideas are dispelled; as it is written, “Know this day and lay it on your heart, that the Lord, He is God” Deut. This admonition refers to everything in which rational methods of investigation can be used. Source 2 — Midrash Sifri, Deut. One after another, the nations all asked, “What’s written in the Torah?

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His identity was not confirmed for weeks, but in time he would become internationally famous as a bold, or very imprudent, figure. McCandless died alone in an abandoned bus on the Stampede Trail, a desolate stretch of backcountry near Denali, in August He was surrounded by his meager provisions: McCandless died, from starvation aggravated by accidental poisoning, he had survived for more than days on nothing but a pound sack of rice and what he could hunt and forage in the unforgiving taiga.

Jon Krakauer, at the time a freelance writer, heard about Mr. The editor wanted Mr.

Approaches to Planning Water Resources Jay R. Lund, Professor. The basic approach of rational planning is presented, followed by brief reviews of Requirements-based, Benefit-Cost-based, Multi-objective, Conflict Resolution, Market-based, and Water resources planning is an ancient problem, dating back to flood control and water supply.

And that analysis includes, in the lingo of economics, search costs. It takes time and effort to find your mate. You have to set up your dating profile. You have to go on a lot of dates that don’t go anywhere. These frictions, the time spent looking for a mate, lead to loneliness or, as I like to say, romantic unemployment. Oyer found himself romantically unemployed when he first took the online dating plunge, as it happens, on OkCupid, and had written “separated” on his profile.

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This will be more of a rant post after forced interactions with regular people partially self-inflicted for fun on Twitter. The good news is a lot of conclusions were made in a short period of time including one startling one at the end. They involve thoughts on talent, how to make an impact, older vs.

Rational Recovery® is a refuge from the step syndicate, which includes all of its groups and thousands of its false-front addiction treatment centers owned and operated by professional steppers.

Pleasure is sometimes assumed to be a purely subjective feeling. But pleasure also has objective features in the form of measurable hedonic reactions, both neural and behavioral, to valenced events. Objective hedonic reactions can be measured in both human and animal neuroscience studies, which together allow some comparisons across species and can lead to a more complete causal picture of how brain systems mediate hedonic impact.

In the prefrontal cortex, recent evidence indicates that the OFC and insula cortex may each contain their own additional hot spots D. Successful confirmation of hedonic hot spots in the OFC or insula would be important and possibly relevant to the orbitofrontal mid-anterior site mentioned earlier that especially tracks the subjective pleasure of foods in humans Georgiadis et al. A brainstem mechanism for pleasure may seem more surprising than forebrain hot spots to anyone who views the brainstem as merely reflexive, but the pontine parabrachial nucleus contributes to taste, pain, and many visceral sensations from the body and has also been suggested to play an important role in motivation Wu et al.

From Abuse to Recovery: Retrieved 8 April So it makes sense that the real pleasure centers in the brain—those directly responsible for generating pleasurable sensations—turn out to lie within some of the structures previously identified as part of the reward circuit. One of these so-called hedonic hotspots lies in a subregion of the nucleus accumbens called the medial shell. A second is found within the ventral pallidum, a deep-seated structure near the base of the forebrain that receives most of its signals from the nucleus accumbens.

On the other hand, intense euphoria is harder to come by than everyday pleasures.

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Daniel Kahneman Both the assumptions and the behavioral predictions of rational choice theory have sparked criticism from various camps. As mentioned above, some economists have developed models of bounded rationality , which hope to be more psychologically plausible without completely abandoning the idea that reason underlies decision-making processes. Other economists have developed more theories of human decision-making that allow for the roles of uncertainty , institutions , and determination of individual tastes by their socioeconomic environment cf.

Martin Hollis and Edward J. Nell ‘s book offers both a philosophical critique of neo-classical economics and an innovation in the field of economic methodology.

Efficiency and accuracy improves as students solve rational equations with their â dateâ in this interactive and self-checking speed dating activity. Plan your minute lesson in Math or rational expressions with helpful tips from Tiffany Dawdy.

Introduction Evolution itself is simply the process of change over time. When applied to biology, evolution generally refers to changes in life forms over time. The Theory of Biological Evolution is most often associated with Charles Darwin, because it was Charles Darwin that proposed the mechanism of natural selection and accompanied that proposition with a large volume of empirical data providing evidence for biological evolution.

Darwin was not, however, the first person to propose an evolutionary explanation for the diversity of life on earth. In fact, evolutionary concepts about life date far back into history and arose in many different cultures. The Greeks developed a concept of evolution over 2, years ago that was basically equivalent to that of Charles Darwin’s, but the early Christians opposed the idea and destroyed all of the works that promoted it or any other naturalistic explanations for earthly phenomena.

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Empirical method A central concept in science and the scientific method is that it must be empirically based on the evidence of the senses. Both natural and social sciences use working hypotheses that are testable by observation and experiment. The term semi-empirical is sometimes used to describe theoretical methods that make use of basic axioms , established scientific laws, and previous experimental results in order to engage in reasoned model building and theoretical inquiry.

Philosophical empiricists hold no knowledge to be properly inferred or deduced unless it is derived from one’s sense-based experience.

Nov 16,  · The class system of 21st century dating.A marxist approach to are so many different wanting and expecting sound of military music was heard approaching along a contiguous street.I had determined to spend the .

I recently got this email from a suspicious person: Why does the idea of rational recovery sound as if it is trying to provide a means of recovery or treatment? When one goes to sign up, the statement is made that AVRT is not a form of treatment. The feeling I get is that it is a legal disclaimer saying that all this is, is information on self recovery, but is not legally allowed to say it is a form of treatment.

Can you help me understand this? MI Matt, Alcoholism and addictive disease are inventions, not realities. Alcoholism was invented by Bill Wilson, a common drunk who founded AA as a personal distraction from his own unrelenting desire to get drunk. All of the experts of the time knew there was no treatment for addiction, so they gladly yielded their obnoxious, addicted patients to Mr.

Since then, AA has become an enormous fellowship of addiction, spreading its message of dependency through its zealous members in positions of responsibilty and opportunity. Consequently, the disease concept of addiction is widely accepted, a paradigm that makes it appear to you that addiction is a treatable condition, and that treatments do exist. These are faulty assumptions, based upon the false belief that addiction is or is caused by a pre-existing or acquired disease.

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Click here for Table 1 Discussion The value of accurate pregnancy dating is undisputed. Unlike conventional ultrasound charts of fetal size for dating, this new chart has no upper and lower centiles since the constant is the measurement of the BPD. The chart is only for estimating the date of delivery. There is no “normal” range in the BPD measurements, virtually all the variability occurs around the interval to delivery which corresponds with the traditional range of 37 to 40 weeks gestation.

It set me up for becoming a better adult and help me realize that emotion and rational thinking can go hand in hand in making the best possible decision making.

Many concepts have crept into mainstream Judaism through the persistent teachings of mysticism. While average Jews do not always understand the concept they are accepting, mystics repeat new notions in a manner that causes non-mystical Jews to believe that the concepts must have been ancient tradition. At times, mystics have taken ideas that originally had no mystical connections and twisted them into mystical concepts.

The evolution of the term shekhinah is a good example of this. Originally a term with a simple, easily acceptable connotation, it was later radically transformed in the minds of some Jews into an anthropomorphic and polytheistic concept that is totally alien to traditional Judaism. Questions When was shekhinah introduced into Jewish thinking? How was shekhinah understood when it was first introduced? What new meaning did the mystics give to shekhinah?

How do rationalists employ the term? Related Terms in the Torah The noun shekhinah meaning dwelling or presence is not found in the Torah, but is the rabbinic term employed in discussions of what is called kavod glory or presence in the Torah. Saadiah Gaon, in his Beliefs and Opinions 2:

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Rational Approach to Project Management in Organizations Rational Approach to Project Management in Organizations The evolution of organization theories from mechanistic to people based ones has influenced the approaches taken by managers in organizations towards the firm as well as organizing people. This has led to the adoption of the systems approach of organizations that embraces complexity and uncertainty.

However, many managers continue to take the rational approach which views people as building blocks and the organization as a machine leaving little scope for flexibility and adaptability to changes in the external environment Baecker, , This article considers the reasons for doing so and takes the position that managers would be better served to adopt the systems approach to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

Theories of Violence and Aggression By Jason Ittel. Questions:! What does Judith Harris say parents can do to increase the probability of their children – Struggle between rational and self interest agents (id, ego, and superego) Political and Sociology Views:! Political.

If you drive under the influence of alcohol then you lose the privilege of having a driver’s licence. There is nothing special about alcohol. If you drive a motor vehicle when you are under the influence of any drug that is impairing your driving you should also lose the privilege of having a driver’s licence. Rohan Thomson That proposition seems simple enough.

It’s one that pretty much everyone agrees with. It promotes driver safety and protects everyone from harm. It makes us all responsible for our actions. But NSW Police are spending millions of dollars and countless hours of scarce police time setting up roadside drug testing that isn’t even checking for some of the most commonly used drugs that impair driving, like painkillers and anti-depressants. Some of these drivers will be on doses of drugs that are severely impairing their driving ability.

In short, what we have in NSW is an evidence-free mess. There is a straightforward solution to this. It’s called evidence-based policing. This was the report of an expert panel that looked at drug driving to establish world’s best practice tests for drug impaired driving.